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Hello, and welcome to my handmade artisan goods boutique!

My name is Chere, and I design and create handcrafted fiber arts with a variety of techniques. Here you'll find unique, colorful women's scarves and accessories, precious baby shoes and gift sets, classic crochet Farmhouse style washcloths and sets, and unique high-end home decor items. 

There's always more coming!  
I love to design and create new projects  and I love custom orders. That said, some items I finish once and don't look back, meaning several creations are one-of-a-kind. If you like what you see, be sure to nab it (and brag forever that you have the only one)! 

You can join me on my crafty adventures on my Facebook page, then be sure to come see what's available now in my ever growing collection of artisan works.  

Or reach out to me directly to discuss a commission. I'd love to know, what can I stitch up for you?


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